Cameras & DVRs

High Performance Digital Video Recording System with Remote Viewing


Was it a Real Sale or a No Sale?
Is Your Dining Room clean?
Where are your employees?

With Digital Vision you never have to wonder what happened or when it happened! Increase your accountability and profitability by knowing what is happening in your business while protecting your assets.


Do you know exactly what was rung up?

My POS Partners

Captures what is rung up and superimposes the text right across the video! You can also define any portion of each camera to be monitored for motion, resulting in the system recording only when it is necessary. Sensitivity and speed of motion can also be set.

What's your backdoor policy?
Can you see what’s going on from anywhere?

Manage your back door by knowing when, who and what is coming or going. Digital Vision’s remote software allows you the ability to watch one or all of your cameras remotely as well as play back recordings from previous days or weeks. You can also view multiple cameras from multiple locations simultaneously.

Trust is Good ! Control is better!


POS Software

POS Partners has made agreements with retail and hospitality software providers to assure we are always offering competitive products and pricing to our customers.. Both traditional and subscription models are available.

POS Hardware

POS Partners is happy to work with any hardware manufacturer's products. However we have negotiated with select partners who offer robust solutions at very competitive prices. You may take advantage of our buying power when we fully quote Hardware and Software packages.

Total Solution Support

When we talk about support, we aren’t just referring to break/fix service. We have products that support your marketing and Loyalty campaigns. We offer advertising solutions and suggestive selling through our signage piece. Also our moto of “Trust is good, but control is better” rings true with our surveillance and camera systems. We are your Total Solution Provider.